New Haven aldermen raise concerns over police chief’s behavior

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– The New Haven Police Commissioners meeting Tuesday night included discussion about the police chief’s behavior.

A group of alders raised concerns about Chief Dean Esserman’s behavior in and out of uniform. The Chief was reprimanded after threatening to shut down a game at the Yale Bowl because he couldn’t get a ticket. Chief Esserman chalked it up to a “bad day”.

Sources tell the News 8 Investigators that outburst was not an isolated incident. On several occasions, the chief has lashed out at individuals and even caused scenes at Tweed Airport.

“Respectfully, I understand you’re doing a story, but I have no comment,” said Esserman after the meeting.

“Don’t you think the people of new haven deserve a bit more than that?” asked News 8 Chief Investigator David Iversen.

“I respect that you’re asking me if I want to have an opinion, but I don’t,” said Esserman.

via New Haven aldermen raise concerns over police chief's behavior.

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  1. admin says:

    From the WTNH commnets: None of this behavior by Chief Esserman is a surprise to me. I have experienced his bullying tactics first hand. As a President putting on a very safe, well organized cultural non profit music festival in Providence, RI a few years ago. We had a permit till 8 pm. He came in a 7 PM and ordered us to shut down. We had partnered extremely well with the all the officer’s and Lt. assigned to the detail. No issues and had a crowd of about 8,000 people. Esserman, was rude to me, embarrassed me in front of my team, asked me for my license and phone # and said “it better be a real number”. When I asked him form a pen and pad so I can write it down, he said… “I’m the Chief of police, I don’t carry a pad”. He forced us to shut down immediately, just as our headliner was going on stage. He told me to start cleaning up the mess. We had a clean up crew and a plan as we normally do every year. The prior year we were credited with leaving the park cleaner than it was before the event. He forced me to start picking up trash as he watched. It was degrading. I kept my mouth shut and just did what he told me to do to avoid getting arrested. He demanded to meet with me the next morning “if you ever want to have this event again”. His Lt. and officers that I had been working with all day apologized to me after he left. He was not liked or respected by his own officers because of his attitude. I guess he was having a “bad day”. Mine was going great before he showed up. There’s so much more I can say… I was just surprised that someone like that can be Chief of Police anywhere.

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